Services and Rates

Every dog needs exercise and stimulation during the day.  Our dog walkers will keep your dogs happy, socialized and exercised.  Sitting inside a house all day is boring and can create all kinds of doggie issues!

We’ve never met dogs who weren’t waiting at the door wagging their tail when our dog walkers come for a walk, dog park adventures or hike.  Dogs crave the exercise and social interaction.  Whether your dog just needs a potty break, or you want to give them the gift of an hour-long exploration, we have dog walking and pet sitting options that will fit your needs.  In order to best care for your pet, we offer appointments 365 days a year.  Call us today to schedule some fun affordable dog walks with our dog walkers in the Fox Valley area

Dog Walking

Rudy Bears30 Minute Walk – $15

Our 30 minute strolls are a fabulous way for your pooch to get out and explore all the smells, sights and sounds of the great outdoors.  They’re the perfect remedy for the long day alone at home, giving them the perfect amount of attention, stimulation and exercise.  For you, it means a happier, calmer dog when you arrive home at the end of a long day.  For them, it’s 30 minutes of doggie heaven.

Add $5 each additional pet over 2

60 Minute Regional Park Romp – $25cleocropped 2-Optimized

We’ll hike the local trails and sniff out the scent of bunnies in the grass. Our walkers will be sure to rest and hydrate your dog throughout the entire exciting adventure, keeping them comfortable and motivated. They get all their energy out so they return home quiet and tired for the rest of the day.

Add $5 each additional pet over 2

Working late?  We offer walks from 7-9 pm for an additional $5.

Add $5 for each additional pet over 2


Dog Adventures

Edit-8197-OptimizedTreat your social dog to outdoor exercise, stimulation and fun with one of our group adventures in an approved off-leash area. Play dates will be held at dog parks and off-leash hiking trails including but not limited to Batavia’s Bark Park, Aurora West Off Leash Dog Park, and Fox River Bluff Forest Preserve Off Leash Dog Area.

Your dog will have fun exercising and socializing with other dogs who have been screened for compatability. They will come home healthier, happier and dog tired! Our group dog adventures are a popular alternative to private dog walks.

Group dog hikes are currently offered in the Tri-Cities: St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia. We believe in keeping dogs in small packs to maintain optimum safety. No more than 3 dogs at a time. Our dog walkers are trained and experienced in handling a small pack of dogs, always keeping their safety first.

Dog Adventure Time Slots

We are currently offering two Dog Adventure time slots. Each shift consists of an hour plus of dog walking time in addition to the time to and from the walk.

Joey run-OptimizedThe times are as follows:

9:00 am to 11:00 pm

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm



One Dog
■One adventure – $22
■Two adventures – $32

Two Dogs
■One adventure – $32
■Two adventures – $42

Pictures and Videos:

We do take pictures and videos on the walks that we will send to your periodically so you can check out your dog’s friends and what kind of adventure he or she is going on.

Training Information:

Wild Things is not a training service. You can be assured that your dog is with other well-behaved canines. We do reinforce commands on our walks, making sure everyone is playing respectfully with each other as well as listening to their dog walker. We bring good treats to reinforce good behavior.


Pet Sitting

Dog Sitting:  Three Visits Each Day – $45 per day

Our dog sitting service includes three visits to your home over the course of the day.  Each of our 30-minute visits includes feeding and watering, a nice walk, ample playtime and tons of attention.  In order to keep your pup as happy and healthy as possible, we request at least three visits per day for any dog sitting service.

We’ll also keep an eye on your home, water plants, retrieve mail, and check locks, so both you and your pet will be able to rest easy while you’re away.

Add $5 each additional pet over 2
Add $10 each additional visit

Edit-15-OptimizedWe Love Cats, too! 
Cat Sitting: At least one visit each day – $17 per visit

We understand that cats need a different kind of attention.  Whether playful or peaceful, your kitty will receive just the amount of attention they prefer.  With a good cuddle and full bowl of food and water, they’ll stay perfectly pleased in our care.

In addition to feeding, watering, and playtime, visits include a thorough litter box cleaning to ensure your cat feels happy, clean and healthy.

For cat sitting services, we are flexible as to the number of times we’ll schedule to come by each day.  Just let us know how often your cat would like some company.

Small Mammal & Exotic Pet Care

Adelaid-OptimizedFrom the tiny and furry to the large and scaly, we love them all!  With over 18 years of experience caring for pets of all shapes and sizes we know how hard it is to find care for the more exotic species of pets.  Your vacation pet sitter will discuss your pet’s needs and work out a pricing plan based on the time committment involved.

Minimum cost for exotic pet care – $12

Includes feeding and watering your pet once a day, and making sure your home is safe and secure while you are away.

We also offer habitat maintenance, pick-up of live food (crickets, mice, etc.), love, and playtime.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!


Dog Boarding – $50 per day

Daisy-OptimizedYou won’t find cages and concrete floors when your dog stays in our pet sitters’ homes.  This dog boarding is cage free with no more than 3 other dogs at a time.  Our dog boarding is a great alternative to the stressful atmosphere of a kennel.  We keep them in the “creature” comforts of a home.  Your pet gets 3 walks a day, feeding, love and lots of cuddle/play time with the sitter and fellow house-mates.  They soon become part of the family!

Come with your pets and meet the dog sitter in their home prior to drop off so you can rest assured your pet will be in a happy, safe and comfortable surrounding.  We provide everything but food.  You’re welcome to bring personal dog beds, toys and blankies to keep your pet happy!

Are you caring for a foster pet?

Wild Things Pet Services is passionate about assisting foster families of rescue and shelter animals.  If you are a foster home in need of dog walking, dog socializing, vacation pet sitting, or transport to adoption events, please contact us today.  We will do our best to accomodate your needs and your budget!

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