About Us

Corinne and Cinema
Meet Corinne and her adored Australian Shepherd, Cinema.
Beau and Bella
Corinne was born an animal lover & has been one ever since. Throughout her life she has surrounded herself with animals of all shapes and sizes. Starting with her first childhood gerbil, the ever-grumpy Ebenezer, she has loved and doted on 2 adventurous ferrets, 3 amazing little ratletts, and a variety of lizards and snakes. Her pride and joy, however, was her first dog, Beau, a spunky Shiba Inu who lived for long walks in Warrenville’s beautiful forest preserves, along Chicago’s sandy beaches, and later through the gorgeous hills of Napa Valley. Her love for him inspired her dream of working with animals. Corinne started pet sitting for neighbors when she was 14 and though she later fell into a career in Real Estate sales and marketing, her dream never changed. She regularly volunteered and fostered for local rescues and would often care for the furry loved ones of travelling friends and family.
A Dog's Day Event
After Beau’s death two years ago, Corinne received the biggest blessing of her life. She became the adopted mom to Cinema. Cinema, aka Alien, Gizmo, and Wolverine (among others) lit the fires for what is now Wild Things. Her goofy grin, limitless capacity for play, and relentless love for adventure changed her life forever. After spending countless hours searching for and playing at dog friendly parks, forest preserves, beaches, and hiking trails though-out Chicago and its suburbs, Corinne knew that what she wanted more than anything was to give the same gift, the gift of the outdoors and exuberant playtime, to the dogs in her community. And so Wild Things Pet Services was born.
Maximus the Great!
Corinne’s work with foster and rescue pets, as well as a lifetime of pet ownership, has given her an exceptional wealth of experience in handling every type of pet personality. She strives to make every pet client’s experience joyous, and above all, safe. She knows that pet care is a client service business that requires a deep level of trust and responsibility along with an unfailing love for all animals. She holds these core values at the utmost priority and has built her company on honesty, integrity and compassion – and an unceasing desire to meet her clients’ needs and surpass their expectations. Corinne’s background in sales, marketing, and customer service, affords her the ability of also providing organized, professional service to her human clientele.

Corinne understands and shares the need to find someone that you can trust with your furry family member. Therefore, it is a great enthusiasm and love for pets that drives Corinne to continue her work and goal of being your preferred pet service provider.


Corinne Wisowaty is associated with the following organizations that work towards bettering the lives of all pets. Corinne is an active member of Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, is proudly certified in Pet First Aid & CPR by the American Red Cross, and fosters for A Dog’s Day Rescue. Wild Things Pet Services is fully bonded and insured by Business Insurers Of The Carolinas.
■American Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR Certified
■Pet Sitters International
■National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)
■A Dog’s Day Rescue
■Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest
■St. Charles Chamber of Commerce

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