Had I known science was this fun I would have changed my major! Cinema, Max, and I can’t wait to to contribute our own results… for the betterment of society, of course!

Marking Our Territory

As you probably know, Eko and I are amateur scientists.  Unlicensed pumpkin surgeons to be exact.

rhodesian ridgeback, dog adventure

Scapel. Check.

That’s why I was amazed to learn about the Horrowitz Dog Cognition Lab in New York City.  The Lab studies the behavior and cognition of domestic dogs and has published research on a wide number of interesting canine considerations.  I found out about the Horrowitz Lab because of their most recent study – a study which may rank as the most fun ever conducted in the history of science.  Project: Play With Your Dog is exactly what it sounds like.  There are a large number of studies about how dogs play with each other, but now the Horrowitz Lab wants to catalog the different ways dogs play with humans.  Man, science sure is awesome!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dog adventure

Eko likes to play chicken with me

The best part is that the lab is looking for people…

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