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JackOne of the hard parts about being a pet sitter is being on duty during the holidays. While many are heading out of town to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with their families, we are hard at work caring for and cheering up their furry loved ones. This year I could not have been more blessed to spend Thanksgiving with some of the silliest, sweetest, and cutest little fur-babies ever.

Curiosity is hazardous to one’s nostrils

Jack and Merlin filled my mornings with joy and laughter. Merlin’s affectionate greetings were an endless stream of dove-purring, elevator butts, and lots and lots of nuzzling. He could turn a heart of steel to mush. Jack’s goofiness and lovable antics are unrivaled, it was nearly impossible to pry myself away from his love, tummy rubs, and play time.

JoeyJoey’s exuberant enthusiasm made every day brighter. From dog park trips and belly rubs, to playing with me and his furry house-mates, every moment was a cause for unadulterated joy. His happiness was the best kind of contagious.

Back seat cuddling with Joey

So today, in honor of a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, we celebrated by heading off to explore a dog park we’ve never been to before: Schweitzer Woods Forest Preserve. The car was filled with smiles and excited doggy-talk, and for good reason! With over 5 acres of fenced in dog park and more than 30 acres of off-leash hiking trails, it quickly became one of our favorite local destinations.