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Every once in a while you have a day that reminds you of why you work so hard, motivates you to keep on trucking, and validates all of your efforts.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.

It started off with a morning at the park where my foster, Rolo, and I played his new favorite game… soccer.  Rolo LIVES to play soccer.  And he’s so good at it he could go pro if it wasn’t for the fact he’s furry and has the tendency to try to eat the ball between plays.  He even has a favorite ball, a UCLA basket ball.  I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s not regulation but I’m sure that even if I did he’d just look at me with a face full of smile and his little nub would wag furiously in anticipation.  It’s mornings like these that I love being a foster, when the occasional inconvenient accident in the house pales in comparison to the enormous pride that comes with watching them thrive.

Rolo the Soccer Pro!

At work… well… Nothing makes me happier than seeing my pups and my clients having a ball together.  Yesterday Cinema got to see her bestie, Murphy, for the first time all week.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so happy.

After my last client for the day I dropped by Critters Pet Shop to pick up some items to donate to Grahamville Rescue and Sanctuary in honor of National Animal Shelter and Rescue appreciation week.  I had just started filling my basket with toys when the owner, who I had met only briefly while campaigning for my Presents 4 Pets donation drive, approached me to ask if I needed any help.  I explained that I was looking for items to donate and to my delight he started glowing about (and selling) the Presents 4 Pets donation drive.  I was over the moon.  We both had a laugh when he realized it was my initiative and then he proceeded to donate 8 collars and leashes to Grahamville Rescue and Sanctuary.  With his help, I was able to put together a fantastic gift basket for a rescue that has seen a lot of hard times lately.  I am so excited to present them today at the Kane County Fairgrounds’ Chicago Pet Show.

A Gift for Grahamville Rescue and Sanctuary

A Gift for Grahamville Rescue and Sanctuary